Frequently Asked Questions

Our idea of the Startup Studio is a collaborative entrepreneurial crash course designed to accelerate your skills and experiences in a span of a week. Regardless of your past experiences with entrepreneurship, everyone will emerge with new skills and a product they are proud of. You'll develop real-world materials that can be used during and after this studio. Finally, you'll hear from entrepreneurs and get a deep insight into their career and life choices. Based on the deliverables that team submit, the top 10 teams from those materials have a chance to move forward with a live pitch session. With a wide variety of events, you'll be able to put in as much as you can, depending on your availability.

No experience is necessary. We want this studio along with the events and speakers we'll offer to help you gain the skills, confidence, and motivation to launch into your future ventures during and after the studio.

This studio is currently open for undergraduate college students attending UW (all campuses) AND incoming students of UW (Class of 2026). Unfortunately, we are unable to allow students from other colleges or those in high school register for this studio.

All of the speaker workshops, social events, and final pitch competition will be held in person. Only the Seattle Startups Fair will be virtual via zoom!

To participate in the final pitch competition and Startup Career Fair, you will need to have turned in all deliverables. But don't sweat it! These deliverables are spaced out, not meant to be time-consuming, and there will lots of guidance along the way.

Attending workshop events is highly recommended -- they are the prime place to learn from the best in the field of entrepreneurship and also a place to get valuable feedback. These workshops will last around 1 - 1.5 hours so they won't take up too much time either!

Nope! Part of our event series will include workshops for ideation, and one of our potential deliverables includes activities related to idea development. We encourage coming up with an idea with the team you'll be working once the event starts, but you are always welcome to agree on an idea before the event. However, we do ask that all materials are developed during the studio to keep the event fair for everyone!

Every team can consist of 1 - 5 people. If you don't have any teammates in mind, we will match you up with a team based on the information you provide during registration. Otherwise, we'll match you up with the teammates you listed during registration.

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